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* finished product is custom treated for optimum material and surface properties.

Processes developed for additional improvement of material properties.

Basic Treatments

Advanced Processes

Tear Sub-zero tempering for improvement of dimensional stability


Tool steels and some engineering steels where extra dimensional and microstructural stability is required.


Increased hardness and strength.

Improved long term dimensional stability and wear resistance.

Technical specification

Process used to complete phase transformations and improve dimensional stability, performed as sub-zero tempering cycle after hardening.

A component is cooled well below martensitic finish temperature (up to -120 °C). Depending on part geometry the treatment is often combined with tempering treatment.

Crio Cryogenic treatment for improvement of wear resistance


Tool steels and some engineering steels when increased strength, extra dimensional and microstructural stability and improved wear resistance is acquired.


Increased hardness and strength.

Improved wear resistance.

Tool life improvements.

Improved long term dimensional stability.

Technical specification

Process for improvement of wear resistance by development of network of fine eta carbides (cryogenic treatment).

A component is cooled to cryogenic temperatures (up to -190ºC) with carefully controlled subsequent heating.

Oximax® Surface enhancement with black oxide layer


Automotive parts especially chassis elements, brake, transmission and motor-bay elements, exposed hydraulic elements, parts in die casting in contact with molten metal such as shot sleeves.


Improved sliding properties. Improved wear resistance and corrosion resistance, especially in conjunction with nitriding compound layer.

Treatment with no dimensional changes.

Aesthetic surface appearance.

Technical specification

Oxidation process is conducted at approximately 500°C to form a thin black oxide layer (Fe3O4) of up to 5 μm on a pre-modified surface.


Material Preparation

  • WSH

    Surface preparation by industrial washing

  • NSP

    Surface preparation by shot peening

  • NTP

    Surface preparation by thermal processes

  • NCP

    Surface preparation by chemical/mechanical protection

Process Development

  • HTD

    HT process development based on special customer request

  • FIX

    Development and fabrication of special fixtures for HT

  • PPAP

    Development of APQP and PPAP supporting documentation

  • SIM

    Material and Process Modeling – virtual heat treatment

Process Evaluation And Control

  • SPC

    Statistical Process Evaluation and Control

  • DIM

    Dimensional Control

  • DIM3D

    Dimensional Control using 3D systems

  • LEV

    Dimensional adjustment of parts after heat treatment

  • ARC

    Documentation archiving

Laboratory Services

  • LAB

    Laboratory services

Material Protection And Packaging

  • COR

    Corrosion protection

  • PAC

    Packing according to special customer request

Logistic Services

  • LOG

    Logistic Services

  • STOR