Annealing and Other Treatments

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* finished product is custom treated for optimum material and surface properties.

Heat treatment processes for development of particular microstructural and mechanical properties of steels.

Basic Treatments

Annealing And Other Treatments

Stress Relieve Annealing heat treatment for reduction of residual stresses


Components after being subjected to plastic deformation: gross machining, welding, cold forming, forging or hardening, and generally components where tight dimensional tolerances are required. Generally for steels in annealed or hardened and tempered condition.


Treatment has no substantial effect on steel microstructure.

Dimensional stability achieved with lowest distortion.

Technical specification

Components are heated below the eutectoid temperature (Ac1) between 450 - 650°C, using a particular heating and cooling regime. Temperatures are similar to the process called tempering.

Soft Annealing obtain a uniform and fine-grained structure


For material before heavy machining or forming, before utilizing chilled castings, and generally to obtain fine-grain homogeneous structure and soft malleable material.


Improved machinability, isotropy, and electrical properties. Increased ductility and completely relieved residual stresses.

Technical specification

Hypoeutectoid and hypereutectoid steels are full annealed above Ac3 and Ac1 critical line, respectively, with long holding times. Cooling is very slow to obtain soft perlite.

Normalizing obtain a uniform and fine-grained structure


Components after machining, welding, cold forming, forging, or generally after plastic deformation, to relieve residual stresses and obtain homogeneous and fine-grain structure. Normalization is primarily used on carbon and low-alloyed steels.


Eliminated residual stresses for improved dimensional stability.

Improved machinability, ductility and toughness.

Eliminated dendritic segregation and improved microstructural homogeneity.

Positve effect on subsequent heat treatment quality.

Technical specification

Parts are heated to hardening temperature to form new fine austenitic grains. After short soaking time the parts are cooled. Slow cooling gives a coarse pearlite and fast cooling a fine pearlite.

Precipitation Hardening hardening by solution annealing and precipitation aging process


Precipitation hardening steels are classified into structural, spring, tool, heat-resistant alloy steels and stainless steel (PH steels) in conformity with their application. Precipitation hardening can also be achieved on non-iron based alloys as aluminium alloys, magnesium alloys, etc.


Less distortion compared to traditional hardening.

Massive parts can be hardened throughout their section.

Improved mechanical properties and corrosion resistance (PH steels).

Technical specification

Solution treatment is done to achieve supersaturated solid solution, followed by natural or low temperature precipitation aging to form disperse precipitates. Intense cooling is usually needed to prevent precipitation of carbides or intermetalic elements on the grain boundaries.


Material Preparation

  • WSH

    Surface preparation by industrial washing

  • NSP

    Surface preparation by shot peening

  • NTP

    Surface preparation by thermal processes

  • NCP

    Surface preparation by chemical/mechanical protection

Process Development

  • HTD

    HT process development based on special customer request

  • FIX

    Development and fabrication of special fixtures for HT

  • PPAP

    Development of APQP and PPAP supporting documentation

  • SIM

    Material and Process Modeling – virtual heat treatment

Process Evaluation And Control

  • SPC

    Statistical Process Evaluation and Control

  • DIM

    Dimensional Control

  • DIM3D

    Dimensional Control using 3D systems

  • LEV

    Dimensional adjustment of parts after heat treatment

  • ARC

    Documentation archiving

Laboratory Services

  • LAB

    Laboratory services

Material protection and packaging

  • COR

    Corrosion protection

  • PAC

    Packing according to special customer request

Logistic Services

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    Logistic Services

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